Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Justin Lyon

Why Improv:
Justin pursues improv because he needs for his brain to work right. Without it, he second-guesses everything to the point where it's hard to do things. When he's practiced in it, he can act without all the analysis paralysis.

Name One Weird Thing About Yourself:
He has double-jointed thumbs.

Professional Bio:
Justin is known for his bad Mexican accent, being slapped in the face, getting kicked in the crotch, tormenting wheelchair-bound women, and his even worse Mexican accent, on both stage and screen. (In 3 Knee Deep, Dinner Detective, Tom Jones, House on the Cliff, and EBOLA, respectively.) He also shares intimate personal stories as the director of Nobody Needs to Know. 

Comedy Influence:
Justin's main comedy influences are The Tick (the cartoon), Douglas Adams, Get Smart, and Poe.

Life Outside of Comedy/Acting:
Justin's other passion is game design, and he's dabbled in designing card, board, role-playing, and video games.

Justin's favorite cause is ending the stigma of mental illness. Check out the website NobodyNeedsToKnow.org if you're interested.

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