Who We Are

Indy Improv Collaborative is more than an improv troupe.  We are a collection of improvisers who are committed to bettering ourselves in the art and craft of improv.  Our members not only commit to weekly practice but look for additional opportunities for growth through various means.  As a group, we bring in talented instructors to guide our development.

As a group that enjoys improv, we seek to perform as often as possible.  While we offer general performances of both short and long form formats as IIC for performance-ready members, we see IIC as a platform that allows us to adapt quickly to a variety of needs.  We can leverage our talent base to create themed and one-off productions to meet your needs or suit our own creative desires.

As performers, we know have a responsibility to promote the craft. We want to bring improv to the masses in a way that’s relevant and relatable to all.
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