Would you consider performing at a fundraiser or special event?
Of course!  Contact us, and let us know what you have in mind.  We love sharing improv, and we love sharing it even more if we can help with a good cause.

How far are you willing to travel?
Our home base in the greater Indianapolis, IN area.  However, we're willing to travel farther into the state if requested and our schedule permits.

What are your performance parameters?
We don't need much.  Either a stage or an area designated as a stage.  We're extremely flexible.  Some shows, such as a long form set, require a little more space than others.  We typically don't require any AV support.

Can I join IIC as a member?
We are always open to individuals who would like to train and develop themselves as improvisers.  We do not hold auditions.  Instead, we invite prospective members to a practice to see if they would be a good fit.  We ask that all interested parties be recommended by a current member.  If you don't know anyone, pick someone and send them an email, introducing yourself.  Keep in mind that IIC is an improviser development group.  There is no guarantee that you'll be placed on a team to perform.

What do you look for in an IIC member?
There are three things we consider most important.  First, you must be able to commit to practices and be willing to work.  Given the skill set that improv requires, committing to improve yourself means showing up to put the work in.  Second, you need to be a good personality fit.  We believe strongly in the idea that a safe and supportive environment lets improvisers do their best work.  For that reason, finding people that understand and add to that environment is key.  So if you generally get along with most people, you'll probably be fine.  And finally, you need some basic improv skills.  We are open to individuals who are not performance-ready if the first two criteria are a match.  But at the same time, it's best to have some idea of what improv is and the basic rules.  If you're a complete beginner, we'd be happy to give you some direction on how to get started and get a few basics under your belt.

Do you know what the answer to 6 X 9 is?
Yes.  It's 42.
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