Sunday, August 7, 2016

Jordan Leigh Wheatley

Why Improv:
Jordan chose to explore improv following a childhood love of "Whose Line is it Anyway?".  As an actress, she has always loved comedy and wanted to explore that avenue of the craft.  People often told Jordan she was naturally comedic, and she tends to be quick-witted in nature, so she sought out improv lessons to hone her natural ability and gain confidence.

Name One Weird Thing About Yourself:
Jordan has been attacked and bitten by a tiger.

Professional Bio:  
Jordan is a professional actress and model.  Her desire to act has been an all encompassing, lifelong passion that extends as far back as her conscious memory.  From a young age, her dad began teaching her impressions, and they would often invent characters to play for fun.  She got her first opportunity to act in the 4th grade, which sealed the passion.  Jordan has been acting in films, short films, commercials, and webseries consistently for the last 7 years.  Jordan's ultimate goal is to be able to act full time.  She is a student of the game, spending free time researching the industry trends, techniques, and studying.  She has been practicing and performing improv for the last year and has already studied under internationally recognized improv coaches. 

Comedy Influence: 
Jordan's comedy influences includes the Wayans' Brothers, Joe Pesci, Melissa McCarthy, Sandra Bullock, and Jill Bernard.

Life Outside of Comedy/Acting:
Jordan works in the medical field for her day job.  She also works brand promotions for major companies.  She enjoys reading, painting, sewing, and photography.  Jordan spends a lot of time with her husband, Matt, and parents, along with her beloved pets.  She also enjoys singing, but she's utter rubbish at that. 

IG/twitter: @jordanleighwheatley 

Facebook: Jordan Leigh Wheatley  
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